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Food Test Kits from Eikonix


A new dipstick test for pork in foods and cosmetics

Here is a surprise: Low cost, high performance gel and blot imaging


No need to spend big money to get the best

Learn more about the new Omega Fluor gel imaging system


New low cost gel documentation system

The new Imagel with UltraThin Transilluminator


The highly successful Imagel just got even better

Why use Flow Cytometry when there is a better and faster method?


Time to look at a new way for cell counting and sorting

New generation gel scanning system


An innovative, user-friendly, and cost-effective scanning device that integrates image capture, gel preview, and gel extraction essential for routine nucleic acid gel electrophoresis.

Advances in fluorescent cell analysis


The Countstar Fluorescence Cell Analyser offers a number of key advantages over existing technologies. It has some significant differences from other cell analysis devices and out-performs many others...

Save money with your gel and blot imaging


If you are still using film, you should consider some benefits of digital imaging.

Affordable high quality Histology Slide Scanning


An affordable solution for the scanning of histology and Cytology microscope slides

Omega Fluor and Omega Fluor Plus tick all the boxes


The Omega Fluor and Omega Fluor Plus are more than just run-of-the-mill gel documentation systems.

Essential steps to automated cell counting and analysis


The Countstar Automated Cell Counter is a cell counting and analysis instrument which has been developed in the basis of classic trypan blue staining

How to move to fluorescence microscopy the low cost way


LED fluorescence illumination devices that provide a simple solution for microscope users wishing to upgrade their microscope for fluorescence applications.

The $99 imaging system for gels


The Imagel Gel Doc system for iPhone or Android is just $99..!! This really has to be the smart way to quickly grab your gel images.

New Omega Lum C installed


The Omega Lum G from Aplegen aids workflow at DePaul. Yet another gel documentation system from Aplegen successfully installed.

Cell Counters and Analysers


Eikonix is appointed to sell the Countstar range of cell counters and fluorescent cell analysis products in the UK.See us at ESACT-UK in January showing the product range and giving demonstrations.

New Chemi FP Western Blot Substrate


A new sensitive HRP chemiluminescence substrate for western blotting joins the eikonix range of gel documentation products

Catching your bands the easy way


GeneCatcher provides a simple and inexpensive way of removing bands from gels. In a simple two-step process anyone can now rapidly remove bands with just one hand.

GF-1 Plant Extraction Kit special offers


Vivantis Plant extraction kits on special offer until the end of the year

Centrifuge tubes and bottles


Centrifuge tubes and bottles at low prices

Advances in Crosslinker technology


Advances in Cross-linker technology sees better reproducibility

The Smart way to image your gels


The Imagel Gel Doc system for iPhone or Android is the smart way to quickly grab your gel images. Now for under £200..!!

Eikonix enters the stem cell research market


Eikonix announce that they have been appointed exclusive distributor for the Stemmera range of stem cell research products

Get your data and go!


The Omega Lum G from Aplegen is the ideal package for those looking for a gel and western blot imaging documentation system

New Fluorescence Microscope from Eikonix


Introducing the MF50 Inverted Fluorescence Microscope to the UK market.

Western Blots: Digital versus Film


If you are still using film for your Western blots it's about time you considered the benefits of digital imaging.

NanoHybrids Strike Gold


NanoHybrids Inc have entered into an agreement that adds NanoHybrids premium gold nanoparticles to Eikonix's extensive range of imaging products.

The Complete Imaging System


The Omega Fluor Plus complete gel documentation system which has everything you need for exception DNA and protein imaging

A new perspective on Western Blot imaging


The Omega Lum W for multicolour R, G, B as well as chemiluminescent imaging brings performance and features at a price which is now affordable to a much wider market.

Scan® range upgraded


Full upgrade on all Scan Colony Counters. These new features are standard on all Scan® automatic models since January 2015.