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ObjectScan 1600

ObjectScan 1600

The ObjectScan 1600 is a scanner exclusively designed for capturing images of 3 dimensional objects. It is perfect to be used in specimen centers for small animals, plants and minerals, research centers, collecting agencies, manufactures of building materials, art designing and advertising companies.


In general, although digital cameras can be quick and easy to use the awareness of the light angles and depth of field can often result in less than perfect images. The ObjectScan 1600 has none of these problems and so anyone can quickly and easily digitise their samples efficiently.


  • On-top Scan Design Does Not Damage the Objects
  • Two Scan Beds Support
  • Up to +/- 6.5 mm DOF Ensures Clear Images
  • Tri-wavelength LED Enriches Scanning Colors
  • Color CCD with 1600-dpi High Resolution Delivers 
  •  Perfect Image Quality
  • Fast Scanning Speed and Auto File Saving
  • Supporting Many Image Formats
  • Smart Auto Calibration
  • Use in Multiple Ways
  • Exclusively Designed and Easy-to-use Scanning Software