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Why use Flow Cytometry when there is a better and faster method?


In traditional flow cytometry there are three main components which make up a system. These components are the fluidics, the optics and the electronic parts. Then of course there is the data which has to be processed and presented in the right format for the application. So why would you go this route when there is now a far simpler method for cell counting and sorting?


The Countstar Fluorescence Cell Analyser can do all what a traditional flow cytometer does but quicker, easier and certainly at a much lower cost. To start with the Countstar Cell Analyser is a compact bench-top unit which has an integral processor and display screen. There is no complicated set up procedures required and it is virtually maintenance free.


It has a number of key benefits and advantages over a traditional system. Firstly the system is very easy to use since it has a high level of automation. The makes training very simple and users can quickly start to use the system to create results. The Countstar is always ready to use - there are no set times or preparation periods needed.


One major advantage is its low cost. The Countstar Cell Analyser is significantly less expensive to purchase and run than any of the traditional systems for flow cytometry. A traditional system could take up to 165 mins to process 15 samples while the Countstar can do the same job in 50 mins and produce very accurate and stable results. When you translate that to cost, then the same 15 samples processed with a flow cytometer would cost around 86 Euros whereas with the Countstar it would be just 30 Euros. Work that out over a year and you can see the amazing cost savings the Countstar brings.


The data management within the system is very powerful and flexible. This is often a headache with traditional systems. With Countstar you have a visual detection of the cells and a set of powerful data management tools to present the data in the way you wish.


As an alternative to a flow cytometer, the Countstar Fluorescence Cell Analyser is the perfect alternative. In a nutshell, it’s easier to use, cheaper to purchase and to run and provides enhanced data output. Isn’t it about time you took a look at this new technology?

Countstar Fluorescence Cell Analyser