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The new Imagel with UltraThin Transilluminator


The highly successful Imagel just got even better. The new Imagel has been styled to fit the new Ultra-Thin Transilluminator and has added features.


Capturing and saving images using your smart phone really is the quick and easy way of documenting your gels these days. Once captured the free Benchling App gives you a range of features. Gels can be instantly uploaded and securely stored in the Benchling cloud. You get 6 months of free cloud storage when you buy Imagel. Using the tools you can increase the image resolution as well as crop and zoom the images.


The Hood is compatible with iPhone  4/4S, 5/5S, 6 and Samsung Galaxy S  3/4/5. Of course these are not included. Once placed on the UltraThin transilluminator it takes up no more than 13 x 25cm and therefore has a very small footprint.


The new UltraThin UV Transilluminator offers the flexibility of easy gel cutting. It’s compact and lightweight for easy portability. It is optimized for use with nucleic acid and protein stains such as EtBr, SYBR® Safe, SYBR Gold, SYBR® Green I & II, SYPRO® Ruby, SYPRO® Orange, Coomassie Fluor™ Orange stains, GelGreen, GelRed and Lumitein™ Protein Gel Stain. The unit has a wavelength output at 302nm which is uniform across the viewing area. It has been optimised for use with mini gels.


The Image system is the perfect solution for those looking to capture quick but good quality images of their gels on the bench without having to take them to a larger size gel doc system. The imaging performance of smart phones has now made imaging of gels and whole lot easier. The results are often comparable with many higher cost gel documentation systems currently on the market.