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New Chemi FP Western Blot Substrate



Eikonix announce its most sensitive HRP substrate for Western blotting yet. This chemiluminescent product joins the Company’s extensive range of over 800 reagents and consumables for the life scientist.


Chemi FP has attomole sensitivity and a very long lasting signal output. The light emission is stable for 10 times longer than with typical ECL substrates. This now enables the user to detect bands not usually visualised with other substrates that are commonly used. Importantly, the high signal-to-noise level and large dynamic range of the product makes it ideal for quantifying low intensity bands.


The chemilfluorescence emission allows the Chemi FP to be imaged using chemifluorescence imaging techniques in addition to traditional CCD imaging systems and film.


Naturally, Chemi FP is the perfect substrate to use when working with one of the Company’s Omega Lum Gel Documentation systems. With 3 different models to select from for Western blotting applications, the combination of one of these systems with the use of Chemi FP guarantees superb results. All the Omega Lum systems feature high resolution CCD cameras which are cooled to very low levels resulting in outstanding image quality.




Says Paul Ellwood, of eikonix, “more and more of our customers are finding the Chemi FP outperforms their existing substrates. They are very happy with its ability to quantify low intensity bands and its attractive price”.