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Learn more about the new Omega Fluor gel imaging system


For a gel documentation system which has everything you need for exceptional DNA and protein imaging you need look no further than the Omega Fluor. This compact system is packed with features and now it is available at a new low price.


The Omega Fluor is a powerful yet simple tool for gel documentation and for generating publication quality 16bit images. The Omega Fluor comes completely assembled for a quick start-up. It includes Omega Fluor Acquisition software which is fully compatible with Windows. It has a clean user interface and simple tools for annotation and contrast adjustments.


The system includes a 302nm UV transilluminator on a pull out tray. In addition, samples can be viewed directly through the UV protected viewport. The viewport includes an orange filter for improved visual contrast. The cabinet also included EPI white light.


The camera in this system boasts an impressive 5 million pixel resolution which puts the Omega Fluor on a par with systems from a much higher price bracket for image quality.


When it comes to applications this system does not disappoint. Its excitation sources gives the user flexibility to use UV or white light across a large range of dyes in common use.


For its small size the Omega Fluor packs a big punch. It will accommodate large format protein and nucleotide gels and has a large imaging area of 24cm x 20cm. This system will sit comfortably on any bench top within its very compact footprint.  There are no other systems on the market which come close to the price, performance package of the Omega Fluor.