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Food Test Kits from Eikonix


Want a quick test for pork?


Have you ever wanted to be sure that the food you eat, buy or sell meets your needs either for religious reasons such as halal or to ensure that it is not going to lead to an allergic reaction or food intolerance condition? People eating halal food want to be certain that every aspect of their food, including the ingredients, processing and handling meet their needs. Therefore, a fast, easy and effective method for detecting pork in food is essential in order to avoid fraudulent or unintentional adulteration of food.


The Halal Dipstick Test from 7FoodPillars is a rapid, on the spot screening dipstick test that can be used to screen pork residues in food samples as quick as 10-20 minutes. There are four types of test available that have been designed for different food matrices: raw meat, processed meat/canned food, gelatin and for surface swabbing.


The simple test can be done by anyone with no technical knowledge needed. The result is shown as two red lines in the event of the food being contaminated with pork. The test can be conducted anywhere at any time and is ideal for travel use. Each test comes as a single dipstick with full instructions for use. The dipsticks have been validated by an ISO17925 accredited laboratory.

With the dipstick test you can increase your confidence level in the food you consume. You can avoid unintentional pork traces in food being served and acts as a protection for you and your family.


Have no doubt – with a Haltest Pork Dipstick test you can be sure your food is pork free. 7FoodPillars are part of a global group of companies dedicated to food and drug testing.