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Catching your bands the easy way



The GeneCatcher provides a simple and inexpensive way of removing bands from gels. In a simple two-step process anyone can now rapidly remove bands with just one hand.


The GeneCatcher tip fits all standard 1000µl pipettors. Simply push onto the pipette one of the rectangular 4.00mm x 1.00mm or 6.5mm x 1mm tips and you are ready to go. Select the band for extraction and push the tip onto the band and remove. To then remove the band from the GeneCatcher just use the pipettor release action to place it into a suitable container. All of this can be done in an efficient one handed operation.


The tips are made from polypropylene and are used in such a way as to eliminate cross contamination between samples. The GeneCatcher is a safe an efficient device providing researchers with uniform extractions. Since excision time is so fast, less time is spent looking down into harmful UV transilluminators when cutting directly from these light boxes. Additionally, it means no more scratch damage caused by cutting with a conventional blade on the transilluminator surface. GeneCatcher tips are available in bags of 250. They are also available in racks.


Says eikonix: “the GeneCatcher is a simple yet fast and effective way for band excision. We love the way this low cost solution eliminates conventional band cutting”.