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Affordable high quality Histology Slide Scanning


At last, an affordable solution for the scanning of histology and Cytology microscope slides. The new Slide Scanner available from Eikonix now brings high quality slide scanning to a much wider market.


This compact device utilises a host of the latest automated imaging technologies with a proven scanning engine to create an effective and reliable tool for the rapid acquisition of whole slide images from standard glass microscope slides. The easy to use system can be operated by anyone and requires no specialist training. The intuitive software effortlessly guides the user through each step to produce images of exceptional quality.


Designed to scan up to two standard slides or one double sized slide, the system can produce high resolution images in just a few minutes. Automatic tissue detection and focusing eliminate complicated set-up procedures and ensure outstanding results for every scan.


The integrated computer means the system is ready to go right out of the box while the pre-loaded control software requires minimal set up to begin scanning. Naturally, the software has a host of features to enable the user to configure the system for any specific application or slide type.


Features found on the Slide Scanner are normally only found on devices costing four or five times more. Hence, this very affordable package brings top of the range slide scanning to a much wider audience.


The compact footprint and simple, intuitive user interface makes the scanner an ideal platform for rapid scanning of microscope slides and is a must for anyone looking for a bench top, affordable solution. This system has to be seen to be believed.