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Advances in fluorescent cell analysis


The Countstar Fluorescence Cell Analyser offers a number of key advantages over existing technologies. It has some significant differences from other cell analysis devices and out-performs many others on the market.


The combination of bright-field illumination with up to 5X magnification, 4 fluorescence excitation wavelengths and 5 emission wavelength filters give the system a very wide and flexible choice of sample options. This exceptional number of channel combinations can support any dye across a range of wavelengths. Each fluorescence channel combination can be individually adopted to meet user requirements.


Another major benefit that the system offers is the ability to run up to 5 samples in one sequence which helps to reduce the time of the analysis and importantly the running costs.


A patented fixed focus avoids manual errors and maintains the stability of the fluorescence signal. Users need only to click one button to get a result using one of the pre-loaded protocols.


This all-in-one instrument has an integral CPU and touch screen monitor. The compact and lightweight system is maintenance free and very easy to use. When compared to a traditional flow cytometric system which only produce data and not images, the Countstar Fluorescence Cell Analyser is more versatile and considerable less expensive to purchase and to run.


Eikonix is offering the system at a low introduction price for the next 3 months.