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Advances in Crosslinker technology



Recent improvements on cross-linking technology have led to better accuracy and reproducibility of these commonly used devices.


Many users of crosslinkers are not aware that most models on the market have a major flaw. Continual use leads to premature ageing of the UV sensors that are used to determine exposure time. As a result, these units start to measure inconsistently and hence allow for varying exposure of sample. The new Crosslinker CL-1, developed by Herolab, offers the solution to this problem with its unique principle of measuring the UV output. Vitally the CL-1 is able to monitor and measure the emitted visible light which is a component of the unit’s output. Since the ratio of emitted UV radiation to visible light stays constant the emitted UV power can be controlled at a constant level. If this no longer becomes possible owing to tube failure then a control lamp signals the user to exchange the tubes.


The Herolab microprocessor controlled Crosslinker CL-1 represents a major advance in cross-linker technology. It is easy to use for the rapid and reproducible fixing of nucleic acids to membranes using UV light with a wavelength of 254 nm. With a hybridization signal which is 5 to 10 times higher compared to other methods, The CL-1 is considerably faster than most other units on the market.