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PorcineTrace Rapid Test kit

PorcineTrace Rapid Test kit


7FoodPillars introduces a complete range of porcine detection kits designed for fast screening for pork in raw meat, processed meat, fat, oil, gelatin, prior sending samples to the laboratory for confirmation tests.

Key Features

  • Rapid screening to detect presence of pork on-the-spot.
  • Quick, easy-to-use and cost-effective without expensive tools.
  • Full range of porcine detection kits – raw meat / canned food, processed meat, fat, oil, gelatin


Assay Time Approximate 15-30 minutes per test cycle
Detection Limit Raw Meat 0.05-0.1% w/w
Processed Meat 0.5-1% w/w
Fat 1-2% w/w
Oil 2-3% v/v
Gelatin 10-20% w/w
Surface Swab meat contaminant
Technology Lateral flow immunochromatographic assay
Operation Cost No instrumentation, parts and consumables required
Operator Skill Easy operation – self training by following operating manuals

Ordering Information

Product Code Description Pack Size
RHAL01-01-020 PorcineTrace Rapid Test Kit – Raw Meat 20 tests/ kit
RHAL01-02-020 PorcineTrace Rapid Test Kit – Processed Meat / Canned Food 20 tests/ kit
RHAL01-03-020 PorcineTrace Rapid Test Kit – Fat 20 tests/ kit
RHAL01-04-020 PorcineTrace Rapid Test Kit – Oil 20 tests/ kit
RHAL01-05-020 PorcineTrace Rapid Test Kit – Gelatin 20 tests/ kit
RHAL01-06-020 PorcineTrace Rapid Test Kit – Surface Swab 20 tests/ kit


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