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LED illumination module for epi-fluorescence microscopy

LED illumination module for epi-fluorescence microscopy

The MF-BG LED fluorescence illuminator is designed as epi-fluorescence illumination for fluorescence microscopy. The illuminator has blue and green excitation in a single unit. Different filter groups can be selected by moving the slider to do fluorescent observation or switch to bright field observation. It is an excellent fluorescence attachment for upgrading to LED epi-fluorescence microscope.

Features of MF-BG-LED LED fluorescence illuminator

  • Two excitation colours - blue and green in one unit
  • Also three colours [blue, green, UV] and four colours [blue, green, Violet, UV]
  • Pull rod to transfer between bright field and fluorescent observation.
  • For single and multiple fluorescence.
  • Save time with no needs of preheating and cooling.
  • User-friendly compare to mercury lamp.
  • 50,000 working hours LED. 
  • Reliable quality.

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LED illumination modules for epi-fluorescence microscopy

LED illumination modules for epi-fluorescence microscopy

The MF-LED series fluorescence illuminator features an LED module to provide a new possibility for laboratory fluorescence microscopy. With this attachment you can easily upgrade a conventional infinity upright microscope to fluorescence functionality. The modular, energy-saving, high-efficiency LED light source can turn your standard microscope into an easy operating, high efficiency epi-fluorescence microscope at low cost.


It has been shown that an LED epi-fluorescence microscope is suitable for TB diagnostics. Fluorescence illumination using LED lighting is widely used in the clinical field especially for immunofluorescence and microbiology.


Features of the MF-LED Series LED fluorescence illuminator

  • Over 50,000 hours long working life LED light source.
  • Reliable single colour excitation: blue, green, Royal blue and UV.
  • High light intensity offers high contrast fluorescence.
  • Save time without preheating and cooling.
  • Easy to operate with no needs for optical path adjustment.

Matched microscopes

  • Olympus CX22, CX31,CX41,BX43,etc
  • Nikon E100, E200,etc
  • Leica DM500, DM700
  • Zeiss PrimoStar


MZX-BG-LED Stereo Fluorescent Illumination

MZX-BG-LED Stereo Fluorescent Illumination

The MZX-BG-LED series stereo fluorescence EPI-LED illuminator provides blue and green band excitation in one unit module. It is aimed at bioluminescence imaging such as nematodes, fruit flies, zebrafish embryos and other microscopy observing fields. Users can freely make use of blue or green excitation to meet fluorescent requirements of their sample, or switch to bright field observation mode. As a general fluorescent attachment, the fluorescent illumination can fully match with Olympus stereo microscope and Leica stereo microscope.

Key features

  • Specified excitation wavelength to excite fluorescence sample. 
  • No damaging UV exposure to users. 
  • 50,000 hours long working life LED light source is 250 times greater than mercury lamp. 
  • No warm up or cooling time.   
  • Compact and ease to fit
  • Light intensity is controlled to avoid from fluorescence quenching.