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MD35-T CMOS 3.5mp Camera

MD35-T CMOS 3.5mp Camera

Microscope Camera MD35-T is a USB3.0 camera which makes use of USB3.0 technology. Data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps/s achieve high frame rates. It has a high dynamic range to achieve low noise and nature color. It is widely used in industry quality control, production line,education, clinical, machine version applications.



  • USB3.0, 24fps at 3.5MP, smoother image capture and video.
  • 69.5dB high dynamic range, high clarity.
  • Nature colour reproduction.
  • Low noise for weak light.
  • Durable with anti dust design.


MD50-T USB3.0 Camera 5MP

MD50-T USB3.0 Camera 5MP


MD50-T is a CMOS Camera with USB3.0 digital adapter. It is the first released USB3.0 digital camera for microscopy imaging by MSHOT. The camera adopts the newest USB 3.0 technology, which is highly expected in the microscopy imaging field.

Features of MD50-T USB3.0 Microscope Camera

  • The transfer speed of USB 3.0 is much faster than USB2.0’s. Theoretically, the transfer speed of USB 2.0 is 60 mb/s, while USB 3.0 can reach 640 mb/s.
  • High resolution of 5.0 Megapixels 
  • USB 3.0 port
  • Support for TWAIN and DirectShow interfaces
  • Fully compatible with OS Windows XP, Windows 7(32/64 bits), Windows 8.

This USB3.0 camera is suitable for microscopic imaging both of bright field and fluorescence. Widely used in industrial inspection, high-speed acquisition, medical, scientific research, education, forensic analysis and other fields.
MDX1-T  CMOS Camera 10MP

MDX1-T CMOS Camera 10MP

MDX1-T is a CMOS camera with USB3.0 digital adapter giving speed up to 5Gbps/s, with  8fps high speed of preview and video at full resolution(1M). It has no Interpolation and compression and has 3D noise reduction function. It is widely used in industrial inspection, assembly line, education, scientific research, scientific research, clinical inspection, machine vision applications



Features of CMOS camera MDX1-T:   

1. USB3.0 port. It's preview speed reaches 8fps at 3664 x 2748.

2. 10MP resolution gives excellent image sharpness 
3. Special colour processing technology and good color rendition
4. Special 3D noise reduction function, can capture clear images in weak light.
5. Excellent performance for its price
6. Dust-proof bottom plate, protects the sensor from dust

MDX4-T Camera

MDX4-T Camera

USB3.0 CMOS camera MDX4-T is a 14.0 megapixels digital camera for microscopes. It takes advantage of USB3.0 technology for high speed. As a newly released microscope imaging system by MSHOT, MDX4-T adopts USD3.0 technology which greatly enhances the transfer speed. It can be used on any optical microscopes, matched with super high resolution.

Features of MDX4-T USB3.0 CMOS camera:

  • High capture and transfer speed
  • 64MB cache, image transmission stability
  • Built-in ISP (image processing module)
  • Support TWAIN and DirectShow interface
  • Compact with USB cable
  • Unique SENSOR dust-proof structure