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Scan4000 Ultra HD Colony Counter

Scan4000 Ultra HD Colony Counter

Scan® 4000, automatic HD colour colony counter, is adapted to all sizes of Petri dishes and all media culture. Its indirect lighting ensures great user comfort, high accuracy and excellent reproducibility.


 HD resolution and high performance

  • Ultra HD colour camera 
  • Digital zoom x 64
  • Resolution: 5 mega-pixels
  • Counting: 1000 colonies per second
  • Colony minimum size: 0.05 mm
  • Round Petri dishes of ø 90, ø 100 et ø 150 mm
  • Square Petri dishes of 120 mm
  • Chromogenic Petri dishes
  • PetriFilmTM ,RIDATM Count, Compact DryTM , Filtration membranes
  • 360° LED lighting, without reflection or shadow of the dish with White Dome
  • Beam Splitter to ensure lighting 100% without reflections or shadows 
  • Automatic detection of the dish + reading on 100% of the dish
  • Pre-set medias: PCA/TSA, MRS, VRBL, TBX, TSC, Baird Parker, GVPC, L.Mono, YM