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Countstar IC 1000 Cell Counter and Analyser

Countstar IC 1000 Cell Counter and Analyser

The Countstar Automated Cell Counter is a cell counting and analysis instrument which has been developed in the basis of classic trypan blue staining. The system integrates advanced optical imaging technology with intelligent image recognition technology to give outstanding results.


The Countstar IC1000 not only provides cell concentration and viability but also provides the average diameter range and aggregation of cells in the form of histograms.


Countstar is applicable for cells with a diameter between 5 – 180µm and with a density of between 1 x 104 – 3 x 107/ml such as would be found in blood cells, mammalian cells, insect cells, algae and some plankton.


To maintain accurate and stable results Countstar can provide three standard beads – Countstar density standard beads, Countstar diameter standard beads and Countstar viability standard beads.


To meet the requirements of GMP, GLP and FDA, Countstar can provide an IQ, OQ and OQ certification service.


Countstar features


Quick and accurate counting

The high resolution system requires no focusing. It gives multi-perspective analysis data and uses high volume multiple statistical techniques to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the results count. 


Innovative agglomerate cell correction function

For normal cells and easy to agglomerate cells which are different to the default the system has a cell correction function


Impurity correction function

The software allows for the removal of impurities from the count result


One-Stop statistical analysis function

It is possible to view cell proliferation, cell diameter distribution, cell agglomerate distribution maps


Flexible data output

Countstar provides a range of output data in formats such as PDF, XLS, JPG


Advanced data security features

Countstar uses a security key software for operators. All results are automatically stored and are accessed using the security key




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